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The honey market 

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The manufacturers of the equipment and materials

Factory-firm "Os'' (Axis) 
25014. Kirovograd, Av. Engineers, 4/3 
Ph. /fax (0522)  56-30-25 
Diverse equipment: from mobile pavilions up to small beekeeping devices

" Medovyi krai " (Honey land)
Cherkasy Ph. (0472) 32-07-44, 32-06-67 
High-quality foundation

Specialized farm "Veselivske" 
Vil.Vesele,  Novgorodka district, the Kirovograd province. 
Ph. (0522) 54-10-59 
Albuminous medical feed for bees

Enterprise "Melisa"
Partysanska str.,18  town Pisochyn, Kharkiv province
Ph. 42-37-81
Equipment for beekeeping

The state enterprise "Skif" 
02094. Kiev, Magnitogorsk str., 1
Ph. (044) -551-57-38 

Private firm Fedorenko 
Full information -
Section frames, seeds

Research and breeding facility "Mukachivs'ke" 
Sverdlova str. 38, Mukachevo, Zakarpatye province 89600 
Phone/fax (03131) 2-25-93 
Bee-Queens of Carpathian breed; packages

Buyers of honey and other products of beekeeping

"Bartnik" Ltd - buys honey
30300 Iziaslav, Khmelnitskiy region, Matrosova str., 1 
Ph. (03852) 4-16-32 
Phone/fax (03852) 4-05-98 

"Medodar" - buys honey
01103. Kiev, Pidvysocky str., 6A 
Ph. (044) 290-24-70, 290-40-53. 290-05-89 

Sales honey and other products of beekeeping

The Poltava district society of beekeepers - sales honey, pollen, propolis, queens jelly.
Phone: (05322) 2-96-47 from 9.00 to 17.00 and (0532) 51-06-40 after 20.00..

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