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Apitherapy of Nervous System Diseases 2014
We are honored to invite you to participate in the 5th All Ukrainian research and practice conference on apitherapy with international participation on topic: «Apitherapy of Nervous System Diseases», which will take place on 13-15 of March, 2014 in the city of Kyiv on the basis of «P. I. Prokopovich Institute».
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Two days seminar “NEWS IN APICULTURE”

of Alexander Komissar, Ukrainian bee scientist (PhD in biology), beekeeper and small scale queen breeder.
The information on the majority of these questions can’t be found in the bee books and magazines. 
The base of several topics is the own original author’s elaboration.
Seminar duration is two days usually, but this time isn’t enough for detailed work with all topics. Therefore the audience has to make the choice for more detailed discussion in the accordance with specialization in the bee culture. Part of questions is interesting for Ukrainian beekeepers only. The lectures are in the Power Point and need the multimedia computer projector. It is possible to receive preliminary information about some subjects from the author’s publications in English.
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Cocoons of solitary bees Osmia rufa and Osmia cornuta are available for sale
Details by E-mail: komissaralex@i.uŕ
telephone +38-097-759-27-39, +38-044-457-10-78 (Kyiv, Ukraine)
About Ukrainian experience of Osmia-bees rearing see:
Komissar A.  Rearing osmia bees in Ukraine. The Beekeepers Quarterly,2005, 82: 41-42.

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the IV-th All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference with participation of international apitherapists on the topic: "Apitherapy in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system," which will be held in Kiev on 21 - 22 March 2013 at the National Science Center "Institute of beekeeping  P.I.Prokopovycha "
The conference program includes plenary session in  apitherapy industry which will involve leading experts from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Arrival of the participants 20.03.2012.
Registration 21 March 2013 at 9:00am
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About Ukraine

General information

Ukraine is one of the largest countries of Europe. It neighbours with 7 states - Belarus at north, Poland at northwest and west, Slovakia and Hungary - at west, Romania and Moldova at southwest, and Russia to east and northeast. The south and southeast of Ukraine is washed by two seas - Black and Azov.

Climate, relief, natural conditions of Ukraine. 
Ukraine is located mostly in the moderate climatic zone, except for southern coast of Crimea, which is in the subtropical zone. The southern part of Ukraine lays at the same latitude as the northern part of Italy.
In general,  the climatic conditions and soils of Ukraine are favourable for agriculture. Flora of Ukraine embraces about thirty thousand plants. It creates favourable conditions for beekeeping.. 
Relief of Ukraine is mostly flat. Only in the west there are ridges of the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains and in the south - the Crimean mountains. The highest altitude in Ukraine is mountain Goverla (2061 meters) in the Carpathians. The maximum altitude at the Crimean's is the Roman-kosh (1545 meters). 
The biggest river of Ukraine is Dnieper. Danube, Dnister, Siverskyi Donets are  important water arteries. There are plenty of small rivers in Ukraine, which makes Ukrainian landscape especially picturesque.

Historical information. 
Beekeeping in Ukraine has centuries-old history. Foreigners, which visited Ukraine, were always surprised by "huge quantities of bees and honey" in this land. This was an outcome of the combination of the favourable natural conditions with diligence and keen perception of our ancestors. In the period of Kiev Rus' the honey and wax were among the basic products of trade. 
The Ukrainian researchers have made a significant contribution to the development of beekeeping. One of them - Petro Prokopovych (1775-1850) - was the world's first inventor of the frame beehive. He organized a school of beekeeping - the first in Ukraine.

Modern Ukraine is among the world's top -10 producers of honey and other products of beekeeping. 500 thousand beekeepers collect up to 70 thousand tons of honey annually.

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