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 Educational institutions of Ukraine, 
with the specialization in beekeeping

Universities and Colleges

National Agrarian University, 
Zooenigineering Department, specialization beekeeping 
03041,. Kiev,  Gerojiv Oborony str. 15; 
Admission commission +38(044)267-82-64. 

Lviv State Academy of Veterinary Medicine, named after Gzhytsky
Zooenigineering faculty, specialization beekeeping 
79010,. Lviv, Pekarska str, 50; 
Ph. of a reception commission +38(0322) 78-36-13. 

Mlyniv State Technical School of Veterinary Medicine, Rovno region. 

Borzna a State Agricultural Technical School, 
16400 Chernigov province,. Borzna, O.Desniaka str., 23 

Cherniatyn a State Agrarian Technical School, 
Vinnitsa province, Zhmerynka district, ph. 3-24-77 

Agrarian Technical School of the Poltava State Agrarian Academy. 
36003 Poltava, Skovorody str. 18
phone +38(05322) 7-30-12, 7-37-85

Gadiach agricultural school
Zamkova str. 1, Gadiach, Poltava province, phone 2-06-75

Two days seminar NEWS  IN  APICULTURE
of Alexander Komissar, Ukrainian bee scientist (PhD in biology), 
beekeeper and small scale queen breeder.

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