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The V International Specialized Exhibition Agreements Apiculture Pleven 2007 will be held since 9 till 11 February 2007 in the town of  Pleven, Bulgaria.
The town of Pleven is located in Central North Bulgaria, 145 km north east from the capital Sofia, to which there are good road and railway connections.
2 hrs by car from Sofia Airport
2,5 hrs by bus on the motorway
3 hrs by train from the capital city of Sofia
With its 170 000 inhabitants it is the seventh largest city in Bulgaria. Pleven is situated at average altitude 160 m above the sea level in the Danubian Hilly Plain a rich agricultural region.
The Pleven district is the biggest apicultural region in our country and a natural center of beekeeping in Bulgaria.
The exhibition will be held in the art gallery Ilya Beshkov in the town of Pleven, Bulgaria. The exhibition will go under the patronage of The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests of Republic of Bulgaria in collaboration with The Association of the Bee Products Manufacturers and Traders in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Unions of Apiculture and with the Balkan Federation of the Apicultural Unions.
It is the biggest apicultural exhibition at The Balkan Peninsula. The emphasis of the exhibition is on contractual agreements of the apicultural equipment and bee products.
In the exhibition participated fast all companies from Bulgaria in this branches and companies from:
Italy bee-keeping equipment like Lega S.r.l., 
France - manufacturing, wholesale and retail of tubes bottom boards like Happykeeper, equipment Etablissements Ickowicz SA
Chech republik complete assortment of all beekeeping needs and products Vcelarske potreby Olomouc
Turkey - bee-keeping equipment and apicultural inventory like Temel Petek (Istanbul),   Civan Aricilik ekstil Sau (Bursa)
Greece beekeeping equipment M.& D Evagelopoulos Ltd., apicultural inventory S.K. Evaggelopoulos
Denmark apicultural inventory and equipment Swenty
Serbia and Monte Negro apicultural inventory Radomed, veterinary preparations Evrotom, Miodrag Rajkovich honey bee products and apicultural inventory
The Balkan Federation of Beekeeping  Unions with representative of Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and of course of Bulgaria will take part too. 
The exhibition was visited from fast all bulgarian beekeepers, from organized group from beekeepers from Serbia and Macedonia, from representative of OMSE Greece, from representative of GTZ program for technical cooperation. 
During the exhibitions there was a rich accompanying program with lectures, round table, business-meetings and others. 
Prizes of the exhibition are for:
Innovation in beekeeping
Scientific publication
The biggest investment in beekeeping for the past year
New bee products
Label of the year
Packaging of the year
Attractive presentation at the fair
The most developed young beekeeper for 2006 year
  There is a competition for children water-color painting and plastic arts.
We believe that the participation in the International Specialized Exhibition Contracting Apiculture Pleven 2007 will extend the contacts of beekeeping companies, beekeepers, apicultural association at the Bulgarian market as well as opportunities to exchange information and experience with producers, tradesmen and consumers from Bulgaria and Europe.
Our team remains at your disposal for any further questions you may have about your participation in our event.

5800 Pleven, Bulgaria
10 A, Ivan Vazov str., office 1, P. O. Box 1158
Tel.: +359/64/801 812; tel./fax: 801 865
Mobile: +359/88/7517 812
Web: www.partners-expo.com

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